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Australian & NZ Defender is the region's top selling photo-journalistic magazine dedicated to the Australian Defence Force and the ANZAC legend. A&NZD is a cutting edge digital and printed colour publication with unparalleled access to Australian combat and special forces in the field.

A&NZD is devoted to bringing its readers the inside story of current and past ANZAC military activities in high resolution colour. We use a combination of images we take ourselves alongside the best of the ADF's output and the private images of Aussie and Kiwi veterans.

A&NZD has been in continual publication for 20 years and our correspondents have accompanied the ADF on Operations in Somalia, Rwanda, Cambodia, Western Sahara, the Arabian Gulf, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Gulf of Aden Solomon Islands and Afghanistan.

MTF4 Mobility Support Team ASLAV escorts US 515 Transport Coy through the Dorufshan dasht in May 2012
2RAR MTF3 2RAR Digs provide overwatch in Char Cheneh Afghanistan in Sept 2011
Aussie Clearance Divers recover the CPO China from Somali Pirates in Jan 2011 in the Gulf of Aden
HMAS Melbourne hunts Somali Pirates in April 2012 in the Gulf of Aden
SECDET 15 Diggers ride shotgun in an ASLAV in downtown Baghdad in July 2009
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