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Australian & NZ Defender Magazine first hit the shelves in October 1993, the second title to be published by Fullbore Magazines Pty Ltd which began publishing in mid 1990.

Aussie Defender, as it is known in the services, is dedicated to the Australian Digger, Airman and Sailor and is actively written for and from the perspective of the bloke in the front line - both currently serving troops and veterans of past conflicts.

During the last three decades, A&NZD has enjoyed unparalleled access to the troops in the field both on operations and in training exercises. A key requirement of all of our contributors is prior military service and a willingness to work under the same conditions as the Diggers in the field.

A&NZD is apolitical, has no affiliations with any organisations and receives no grants or government funding of any type. Our independence is total, giving us the freedom to tell it like it is.

Since its first appearance, Australian & NZ Defender has consistently outsold all of its competitors achieving total market dominance in its first year on the shelves and maintaining that for the past three decades.

After 27 years in continuous print publication Australian & NZ Defender transitioned to wholey digital in the form of our Modern Anzacs App streaming Australian and New Zealand Defence Force news, imagery, video and analysis 24/7.

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john hunter farrell
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With 6RAR Diggers and KOSTRAD on Motaaine Bridge Timor 2000.
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With Clearance Diving Team 3 Umm Qasr southern Iraq March 2003.
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With 8/9RAR along the Helmand in the Charcheneh Valley in 2012.

Australian & NZ Defender Magazine is the brainchild of founding Managing Editor John Hunter Farrell who felt that the Aussie servicemen and the Anzac tradition were not being done justice in the general media which pretty much couldn't tell a tugboat from a aircraft carrier.

An ex Army officer, Farrell put his money where his mouth was and took the gamble to launch A&NZD in mid 1993 after the Somalia deployment received little or no coverage.

During his time at the helm of Aussie Defender, Farrell has accompanied the ADF on operations in Somalia, Rwanda, The Arabian Gulf, East Timor, Iraq, Solomon Islands and Afghanistan as well as covering the ADF on training exercises in every corner of this country which has given him an unparalleled experience both operationally and across all three services.

A&NZD has always adhered to Farrell's basic reporting philosophy - tell it like it is, not how the generals want it told; and photograph reality not set ups.

Unlike the majority of the so called Defence Media, Farrell does not seek nor does he accept the largess of the foreign military industrial complex and remains uncompromised by payments and can tell it as he sees fit.

Farrell holds a first class journalism degree and worked in both television and magazines prior to his military service and consequent involvement with A&NZD.

Throughout his long career documenting the history of our Modern Anzacs, Farrell has authored three acclaimed and top selling books: SpecWarOps, Peace Makers and his recent true-history novelisation of the Battle of Hamel Wolfsberg.

John Hunter Farrell is regarded as one of Australia's leading Defence and modern military history experts and is highly valued for his expert knowledge, opinion and analysis.

Contact John Hunter Farrell on (07) 3392 7068 Email: editor@australiandefender.com.au

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