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A&NZ Defender Back Issues

MARCH 2003 to DECEMBER 2007

Availble in both PRINT and DIGITAL editions
A&NZD No: 41
No 41: Op Bastille - preparing to invade Iraq, Aussie Sigs Vietnam 66-70, Exclusive - mega pictorial SASR Afghanistan, HMAS Sheean, 5/7RAR Timor.
A&NZD No: 42
No 42: Iraq Invasion mega photo edition with coverage of ops including RAN warships, CDTs Um Qasr, SASR, Chinooks, C-130s, F/A-18s.
A&NZD No: 43
No 43 10th Anniversary Special, RAMSI Solomons intervention, Op Catalyst ADF in Baghdad, Iraq - Clearance Diving Team 3, KAA clearance, AUSBATT VIII Timor.
A&NZD No: 44
No 44: Ex Crocodile 03, Ex Pacific Protector 03, Op Catalyst (Baghdad), RAMSI Solomon Islands, AUSBATT IX (6RAR) East Timor, Tactical Assault Group East.
A&NZD No: 45
No 45: 6RAR in East Timor, EEZ enforcement Ops, SASR Unit Citation, Op Catalyst (Baghdad), Basrah Brit offensive, faces of Iraq War slideshow.
A&NZD No: 46
No 46: Vietnam 1969/71 (5RAR, 2RAR, 105 Fd Bty, TAG West, TAG East Ex Mercury 04, Anzacs in Baghdad, Solomons, AUSBATT IX 6RAR Timor, Seasprite.
A&NZD No: 47
No 47: RIMPAC 04, JTF-633 Iraq - SECDET 4 BAGHDAD, Training Teams, RAN KAA, Aces High 04, Pitch Black 04, Tim Page Aussie Nam - 1965 -66.
A&NZD No: 48
No 48:5/7RAR Baghdad Oct 25 VBIED, JTF-633 Iraq AATTI, RAN KAA, Ex Swift Eagle, Ex Singaroo 04, F-35 JSF, Tiger ARH.
A&NZD No: 49
No 49:SF Direct Recruiting, 1RAR Solomon Is, 1 Sqn SASR Iraq, VBIEDs strike SECDET6 Baghdad, Sumatra Assist, Ex Red Flag.
A&NZD No: 50
No 50: Al Muthanna Task Group Iraq, NZ PRT Afghanistan, Op Clearwater EEZ, Kibeho massacre Rwanda 95, Iraq JTF 633- SECDET, RAN KAA frigates, RAAF.
A&NZD No: 51
No 51: Talisman Sabre 05, AMTG1 Iraq, AATT-I 4 Iraqi 2nd Bde, Iraqi Ops JTF-633, SECDET Baghdad, HMAS Newcastle KAA, Ex Kakadu.
A&NZD No: 52
No 52:Iraq JTF 633 AMTG, Counter Terrorism Ex Mercury 05, SOTG Afghanistan, RAN subs, Border Protection - Op Clearwater.
A&NZD No: 53
No 53: Army Reservists Solomon Is, Iraq: SECDET VIII, AATT-I & AMTG2, HMAS Parramatta, Special Ops Afghanistan, Op Pakistan Assist, ARH Tiger.
A&NZD No: 54
No 54: SOTG Afghanistan, Iraq Ops - Parramatta, Ballarat Arabian Gulf, SECDET VIII, IX Baghdad, AMTG2 & AATT- Iraq Samawah.
A&NZD No: 55
No 55: Faces of Op Astute Timor, Iraq Overwatch Battle Group - West, AATTI, SECDET IX Afghanistan Uruzgan, Dili Madness 16 pages, RIMPAC 2006.
A&NZD No: 56
No 56: Afghanistan Reconstruction Task Force 1, Special Operations Task Group, Timor Special Forces, Overwatch Battle Group Iraq, Battle Group Anzac Timor.
A&NZD No: 57
No 57: Afghanistan RTF1, M1A1 Abrams, Iraq -Overwatch Battle Group -West 2,SECDET, Tactical Assault Group- East, Timor Gang fight.
A&NZD No: 58
No 58: Reconstruction Task Force Uruzgan Afghanistan, OBG-W (2), SECDET, RAN in Iraq, Battle Group Anzac in Timor elections, Ex Red Flag 2007.
A&NZD No: 59
No 59: Special Forces Training Facility, Uruzgan - RTF2 & SOTG, Iraq - OBG-W (3), NAG & SECDET. Timor Battle Group Anzac/ Samichon, Talisman Saber 07.
A&NZD No: 60
No 60: Iraq - OBGW (4), RAN in KAA JTF-158, Ex Malabar 07, Timor TLBG3, Heavy contact in Afghanistan SOTG and RTF, Baghdad Embassy VBIED.
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