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MARCH 2008 to DECEMBER 2012

Availble in both PRINT and DIGITAL editions
A&NZD No: 61
No 61: Timor Assassination attempt, RTF3 Op Spin Ghar Afghanistan, SOTG in Uruzgan, OBG-W (4), SECDET XII, AATTI & RAN in Iraq, Op PNG Assist, TLBG 3.
A&NZD No: 62
62: Chora Valley Offensive Afghanistan (RTF4 & SOTG) Iraq OBG-W (4), SECDET & RAN NAG, Singapore & New Zealand Navies, Ex Red Flag Alaska (RAAF F/A-18s).
A&NZD No: 63
No 63: 15th Anniversary Issue, Withdrawal OBG-W Iraq, RIMPAC 08, Op Timor BG Balmoral, RTF4 Afghanistan's Baluchi Pass, Ex Pitch Black.
A&NZD No: 64
No 64:TLBG 5 (5RAR) Timor Leste, 1RAR A.B.C.A Germany, F-35A, SOTG, MRTF1, RTF4 Afghanistan, HMAS Parramatta & SECDET in Iraq and NAG.
A&NZD No: 65
No 65:SOTG, MRTF1 & OMLT in Uruzgan Afghanistan, SECDET XIV, Warramunga & Parramatta in Iraq, TLBG5 Timor, Rifle Coy Butterworth.
A&NZD No: 66
No 66:RAAF F-111s in Nevada for Red Flag, 5RAR TLBG 5, SECDET Iraq, COIN Ops Afghanistan SOTG & 7RAR MRTF1, SIEV refugees.
A&NZD No: 67
No 67: Ex Talisman Saber 09, TLBG6 Timor, Anode 18 Solomons, SECDET 15 Baghdad, HMAS Toowoomba, MRTF1 & 2 Uruzgan, Sniper School.
A&NZD No: 68
No 68:Ex Olgeta Warrior PNG, TLBG6 Timor, HMAS Toowoomba counter piracy Gulf of Oman, MRTF2 SOTG Afghanistan, Op Samoa.
A&NZD No: 69
No 69: Aussie crewed Abrams in USA, Dutch KCT Uruzgan, Route Irish VBIED Baghdad 05. MTF1 SOTG in Uruzgan, US SOF, Timor- TLBG6 & TLTG 8/9 RAR.
A&NZD No: 70
No 70: Timor 2000 Dry Season Offensive 6RAR, ICAT HMAS Paramatta Somalia, MTF1 and SOTG in Afghanistan, TLTG1 Timor, Rhinos at Amberley.
A&NZD No: 71
No 71:HMAS Parramatta Somali Basin, 8/9RAR Timor Leste, RIMPAC 2010, MTF1 and SOTG Afghanistan, RAMSI Solomon Islands.
A&NZD No: 72
No 72:Op Hamkiri - the combined ISAF/ANSF assault on the Taliban in Kandahar, MTF1 and SOTG ops in Shah Wali Kot Uruzgan Afghanistan.
A&NZD No: 73
No.73: Counter piracy off Somalia Ship Underway Recovery, 2nd Afghan Victoria Cross, MTF2, SOTG Uruzgan and Shah Wali Kot,ADF Op Qld Yasi Assist.
A&NZD No: 74
No 74: The Australian SAS operations to capture Bin Laden in 2002, HMAS Stuart hostage recovery, MTF2 tour in Uruzgan, TLTG2 in Timor Leste.
A&NZD No: 75
No 75: Counter piracy MSO Somalia, ISAF Uruzgan: MTF3 SOTG CTU, TLTG3 Timor Leste, Ex Talisman Sabre 11, Red Flag 11.
A&NZD No: 76
No 76:Aussie Afghan weapons, F-35A Lightning II, Counter Pirate Ops, ISAF MTF3 & SOTG Afghanistan, TLTG3 Timor Leste.
A&NZD No: 77
No 77: NZ Afghan Operations in Bamyan .HMAS Parramatta MEAO, TLTG3/4 Timor Leste, MTF3/MTF4 SOTG Combined Team Uruzgan.
A&NZD No: 78
No 78: Special Operations Engineer Regt, HMAS Melbourne in MEAO, Combined Team Uruzgan MTF4, Combat AME Afghanistan, Mogadishu 94.
A&NZD No: 79
No79: 3RARBG, SOTG in Uruzgan, Helmand, Shah Wali Kot, MTF4 Char Cheneh Afghanistan, RIMPAC 2012, TLTG4 Timor, Aust Chinooks Kandahar.
A&NZD No: 80
No 80: Dan Keighran VC, 2RAR Kibeho Massacre Rwanda 95, HMAS Anzac MEAO, 3RARTG & SOTG Uruzgan, Helmand & Shah Wali Kot Afghanistan.
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