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MARCH 2013 to DECEMBER 2017

Availble in both PRINT and DIGITAL editions
A&NZD No: 81
No 81: 7RAR Task Group Advisory Ops Uruzgan & Kandahar, HMAS Anzac & Toowoomba in MEAO, Iraq Invasion 2003, Timor Leste.
A&NZD No: 82
No 82: 2 Cav Advisory Ops Uruzgan/Kandahar. SOTG Afghan COIN, HMAS Toowoomba in MEAO, Battle of Eastern Shah Wali Kot, RAN Iraq Invasion.
A&NZD No: 83
No 83: A&NZD's 20th Anniversary Special, Toowoomba & Newcastle MSO Somalia, Gulf of Aden, Ex Talisman Saber 13, Afghan 7RAR TG, 2 Cav TG, Solomons End of Mission.
A&NZD No: 84
No: 84: Aussie M1A1 crews in USA e, SOTG and 2 Cav Task Group Afghanistan, Melbourne and Newcastle MEAO counter piracy, Tactical Assault Group - West SASR Ex.
A&NZD No: 85
No: 85: Combined Team Uruzgan final Ops - 2 Cav TG and SOTG, SASR Sniper Concentration, Ex Southern Katipo, HMAS Melbourne narcotics seizures, Sudan UN Airlift.
A&NZD No: 86
No: 86: LHD Canberra sea trials, Commandos in Philippines, Aussie Training Teams in Afghanistan, HMAS Darwin counter narcotics MEAO.
A&NZD No: 87
No: 87: Iraq - Op Accordion, Plan Beersheba Order of Battle - 3 Bde CATA, HMAS Darwin Drug Busting Ops in the MEAO, Black Hawk Farewell, Afghanistan Ops.
A&NZD No: 88
No: 88: Tactical Assault Group East - G20, Op Okra Iraq bombing campaign, Afghanistan Ops, HMAS Toowoomba MEAO counter narcotics operations.
A&NZD No: 89
No: 89: Bougainville EOD clearance, Afghanistan Op Highroad, RAN MEAO Combined Maritime Forces, Op Okra Iraq, Land 400 vehicles.
A&NZD No: 90
No: 90: Afghanistan Train Advise & Assist ops, Counter-ISIS Iraq op Okra, RAN MEAO Counter Terrorism & Narcotics, ADF & NZDF Vanuatu Cyclone Pacific Assist
A&NZD No: 91
No: 91: Afghanistan Train Advise & Assist ops, Counter-ISIS Iraq op Okra, RAN MEAO Counter Terrorism & Narcotics,Exercise Talisman Sabre 2015.
A&NZD No: 92
No: 92: Task Group Taji 2 and Australian Air Task Group in Iraq, MER Counter Narcotics, Amphibious Ready Group, Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles.
A&NZD No: 93
No: 93:HMAS Melbourne Makran Coast Narcotics Seizures, Tactical Assault Groups, Special Operations Aviation, Op Okra Iraq, Afghanistan, Ex Southern Katipo New Zealand.
A&NZD No: 94
No: 94: New Defence White Paper 2016 capabilities - 6th Gen Fighters, Artillery Rockets, Gunship Helos, Ground Launched Anti Ship Missiles, Op Okra Iraq, Op Fiji Assist.
A&NZD No: 95
No: 95: HMAS Perth Middle East, RIMPAC, USAF Combat Search & Rescue, Afghanistan, Task Force Taji 3, Land 400 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles, Pitch Black 16, Ex Hamel 16.
A&NZD No: 96
No 96: Army Tiger ARH helo trouble, HMAS Perth Op Manituou (Middle East), AWD1 Hobart, Marine Rotational Force-Darwin, Iraq & Syria Air Interdiction, Afghanistan.
A&NZD No: 97
No 97: Tactical Assault Group Narcotics seizure at sea, HMAS Arunta MSO Arabian Seas, Special Operations Task Group - Iraq / Task Group Taji 4 / Air Task Group Iraq & Syria, Combat Shooter Course, MV-22 Osprey Tiltrotor in Darwin.
A&NZD No: 98
No 98: Australian Special Force in Africa; HMAS Arunta heroin seizure in MER, Task Group Taji 4 and Air Task Group Iraq & Syria, Op Highroad Afghanistan, US Navy EODMU5 in Australia. Op Qld Assist 17 Cyclone Debbie.
A&NZD No: 99
No 99: Exercise Talisman Sabre 2017 - 16 page massive feature, Task Group Taji 5 and Air Task Group Iraq, HMAS Newcastle and late HMAS Arunta Middle East Ops. Ex Mobility Guardian
A&NZD No: 99
No 100: NZ Joint Mega Ex Southern Katipo, Op Highroad Afghanistan, ADF-TNI Bilateral Exchange, MER Ops, Iraq & Syria: Op Okra, Ex Diamond Run - Battle Group Ram.
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