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SPEC WAR OPS: A Pictorial History of the Australian SAS and
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Editorial comment by Managing Editor John Hunter Farrell
SpecWarOps: A Pictorial History of the Australian Special Air Service Regt is the first true full colour pictorial insight into the Australian SAS.

SpecWarOps was a Limited Edition with a run of only 1000 copies, less than 100 remainder copies exist for sale

More than 380 top quality images have been assembled by the team from Australian & NZ Defender magazine illustrating the rise of the Aussie SASR from its humble beginnings as a strategic reconnaissance company in 1957 through to its evolution into one of the planet's most capable special action forces.

SpecWarOps is chock full of rare images of the Aussie SAS in operations in Borneo, Vietnam, Irian Jaya, Somalia, East Timor, the Tampa and Afghanistan reproduced to the highest printed standards on top shelf art paper.

The Operational images are offset by more than 200 photos detailing SAS parachute (HALO, HAHO and LOLO), mountain, vehicle, water and weapons training.

The bulk of the training images are dedicated to the Tactical Assault Group's Counter Terrorism and Close Quarter Battle methods including Method of Entry (MOE), air assault and roping infiltration, counter hijack, and working within the Killing House (360 degree range).

SpecWarOps' images are supported by detailed captions and an accurate history written by A&NZD Editor John Hunter Farrell who has photographed SAS Operators in combat Ops in both Somalia in 1994 and in East Timor 1999-2001.

SpecWarOps is full A4 size (210 x300mm) case bound, weighs 700 grams and comes with a full colour fold out jacket with the cover reproduced on the hard cover beneath. Hurry to claim your copy as they are selling fast....

SPEC WAR OPS Part 1: A Pictorial History of the Special Air Service Regt
SpecWarOps book
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Australian SAS Operators in South Vietnam
SAS Tactical Assault Group operators rehease Methods of Entry
SASR RESPFOR operator on the streets of Dili Timor Sept 1999