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SPEC WAR OPS: A Pictorial History of the Australian SAS and
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SPEC WAR OPS: A Pictorial History of the Australian Special Air Service Regt
Editorial comment by Managing Editor John Hunter Farrell
An Australian SASR operator hires local security for anti al Qaida ops in Afghanistan in early 2002
IR image from HMAS Stuarts Mini Typhoon RWS destroying a pirate skiff off the Omani coast.
FDTL troops train with Australian and US troops in Timor Leste.
US Special Forces clear qualas near Gizab on the Uruzgan Daykundi border in Afghanistan.


In March 2002, Australian SASR operators made their mark during our part in the hunt for Osama bin Laden and Al Qaida in the months directly after September 11, 2001 ........


Australian naval Special Forces conducted a successful hostage recovery from Somali pirates during counter piracy operations off Somalia........

ISAF Uruzgan

Ongoing Australian operations against the Taliban in Afghanistan's Uruzgan and Kandahar Provinces with the 5RAR led Mentoring Task Force 2 (MTF2) and the Special Operations Task Group (SOTG) .......


The 1 CER/11 Bde Timor Leste Task Group 2 including 9RQR, 25/49RQR, 31/42RQR completes its eight month tour of Timor Leste as foreign operations in the country wind down ........

AusIndo Cooperative Patrols Arafura Sea, New RAN Landing Ship dock, RNZAF A109 Light Utility Helicopter, KC-30A MRTT late, MRH-90 diagnostic review, 5th RAAF C-17A ordered, M777A2 155mm gun enters service in ADF, Automatic Grenade Launcher acquisition fails, M-113AS4 deliveries, Heavy 7.62mm MINIMI acquired, RNZAF P-3K2 Orion.


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