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To change your password from the one issued on your shop receipt click the link below to take you to your Shop Profile and Order History.

Enter your EMAIL address to log in to your PROFILE.
Click ORDER HISTORY and next to your current subscription click CHANGE PASSWORD.

Enter your current password, then your new password. Confirm your new password and click SUBMIT.

Your new password will take affect next time your enter - don't forget to update your password in your browser.

Or if you prefer simply contact us and we will do all of this for you.

PLEASE NOTE: We are hosted on an extremely secure server. Three incorrect login attempts will lock you out from the A&NZD site and server.
To UNLOCK - reset your modem/device by switching it off for a moment. Or contact us to lift the block if you are on a fixed cable connection.
If you cannot access our homepage then you have most likely been locked out.

Contact: or Phone (07) 3392 7068

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