Halfbreed Blades Large Rescue Axe

Building on the success of their new Combat Rescue Axe (CRA-01) Halfbreed Blades has released the compact CRA's bigger brother, the large format LRA-01.

Designed for military and emergency responders who need a larger, high impact tool with heaps of grunt, the Large Rescue Axe (LRA-01) is extremely capable, particularly in the MOE role.

In fact Halfbreed Blades are so confident in the LRA-01's ability and that they happily recommend it for chopping, hammering, digging, cutting, using it as a climbing aid, defeating locks, smashing and raking windows and windscreens, puncturing steel radial tyres, smashing steel clad doors and breaking through walls - including brick ones.

Although larger and heftier than the smaller CRA-01, the LRA-01 is still compact and light enough to comfortably carry and use in fairly tight spaces.

Measuring 320mm in overall length, the razor sharp Tomahawk style axe head houses most of the LRA-01's 1.158kg weight and is finished in a faceted tanto spike. Its specially contoured handle is designed for multiple grips so that you can either use it one-handed, or really put some grunt behind it with a two-handed swing.

The one-piece full tang Large Rescue Axe is made from Austrian made 8mm Bohler K110 (D2) tool steel and has also undergone the same proprietary heat treatment process as their Compact Rescue Axe which enhances the resilience of K110 steel to shock. This gives these axes their exceptional performance, durability and longevity.

The LRA-01 can be fully secured via the large lanyard/carabineer attachment hole at the base of its fully jimped pommel and comes with a friction-lock system molded Kydex sheath for safe carriage which is PALS/MOLLE compatible and also comes with belt attachment points.

Description: Compact Rescue Axe
Action: Axe / Penetrator Spike
Axe Steel: K110 D2 (55-56 HRC)
Axe Edge: Plain Polished
Axe Finish: Teflon Coated
Axe Style: Tomahawk
Axe Head Length: 2.99" (76mm)
Axe Thickness: 0.31" (8mm)
Handle Material: G10
Handle Thickness: 0.98" (25mm)
Overall Length: 12.59" (320mm)
Sheath Type: Molded Kydex / Safety Strap
Sheath Weight: 7.33oz. (208g)
Axe Weight: 33.51oz. (950g)
Overall Weight: 40.84oz. (1158g)
Mounting: Belt & PALS/MOLLE

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