Halfbreed Blades Medium Clearance Knife MCK-02

For something a little different the designers at Halfbreed Blades have put their minds to developing a very useful, Covid inspired, keyring companion tool.

The Covert Key Companion (CKC-01) gives you contactless touch for a huge variety of public (and private) space items - traffic crossing buttons, elevator buttons, pushing open doors but to name a few uses -available at the end of your keyring.

To make the CKC-01 even more useful, it incorporates a tungsten carbide glass breaker and bottle opener.

Made from heat treated, PVD coated 420 stainless steel the CKC-01 has an ambidextrous index finger failsafe grip and is bevelled along the entire perimeter to reduce abrasion and increase EDC comfort.

The Covert Key Companion weights just 52 grams so you won't even feel the weight and if you prefer not to have it dangling from your keyring it has a deep pocket clip incorporated into its design so that it can safely stow in your pocket.

The CKC-01 comes in black or stonewash stainless finish making the tool very discrete.

Description: Covert Key Companion
Action: Contactless Touch, Glass Breaker, Keyring
Finish: PVD Coated & Stonewash Stainless options
Carry: Pocket
Material: 420J Stainless
Material Thickness: 0.23” (6mm)
Material Glass Breaker: Tungsten Carbide
Width: 1.92” (49mm)
Overall Length: 4.40” (112mm)
Overall Weight: 1.83oz. (52g)

See more images and details of the CKC-01 by visiting Halfbreed Blades at www.halfbreedblades.com.au

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