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Halfbreed Blades' new Large Breaching Axe (the LBA-01) releases onto the market today.

The LBA-01 is a full sized tactical axe made specifically for hardcore impact/method of entry duty.

Designed for military and incidence first responders, the LBA-01 is capable of devastating performance in the most difficult of environments.

The LBA-01's primary cutting head is razor-sharp and the faceted Tanto spike at the business end of things is specifically designed for extreme penetration and/or demolition. The LBA-01 can chop, cut, penetrate or demolish most common industry building materials including light steel and brick, can break chain links, defeat deadbolts, puncture steel radial tyres and even cut panels from car doors.

Not only is the one-piece full tang construction made from Austrian 8mm Bohler K110 tool steel which has shown itself to be operationally highly durable, the proprietary heat treatment process the steel undergoes enhances its resilience to shock, yielding exceptional performance in high impact roles, making it a perfect choice for a breaching axe.

The slightly tapered handle of this full sized axe is suitably clad in textured G10 handle scales (virtually full handle) for maximum double-handed grip, while the ergonomic contouring of the scales ensures that the LBA-01 is comfortable during prolonged use and minimises abrasion if used without gloves.

In designing the LBA-01, Halfbreed Blades have considered the many ways in which a breaching axe needs to be handled or applied and have ensured that not only the handle but all portions of the head that may have direct hand contact are machine bevelled to reduce abrasion and increase control and comfort.

The top of the extended and exposed handle pommel can be utilised as a pry bar and also incorporates dual lanyard holes for the attachment of a small carabineer or rope lanyard.

Coated in hard wearing, low friction Teflon the LBA-01 is available in black, dark earth, and ranger green colour options.

Description: Large Breaching Axe
Action: Axe / Penetrator Spike
Axe Steel: Bohler K110 (55-56 HRC)
Axe Edge: Plain Polished
Axe Finish: Teflon Coated
Axe Style: Tomahawk
Axe Head Length: 3.23" (82mm)
Axe Spike Length: 3.50" (89mm)
Axe Head OAL: 7.56 (192mm)
Axe Thickness: 0.31" (8mm)
Handle Material: G10
Handle Thickness: 1.02" (26mm)
Overall Length: 18.43" (468mm)
Sheath Type: Molded Kydex / Safety Strap
Sheath Weight: 8.11oz. (230g)
Axe Weight: 36.86oz. (1045g)
Overall Weight: 44.97oz. (1275g)
Mounting: Belt & PALS/MOLLE

See more images and details of the LBA-01 Breaching Axe by visiting Halfbreed Blades at www.halfbreedblades.com.au

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