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A&NZD No: 1

No 1: RAAF F-111C Amberley, 21 page Somalia special 1RAR Battalion Group Op Solace Jan-May 93, F-89A1 MINIMI, 2RAR/NZ Vietnam 1967-68

A&NZD No: 2

No 2: Singaporeans in Aust. 2 Tour Vietnam-1 Field Regt 69/70 & 2RAR/NZ 70/71. RAE Deminers in Afghanistan, Boomerangs, RAAF F/A-18s.

A&NZD No: 3

No 3: Somali War Criminal executed by ADF, Ready Shield 93, Vietnam slideshow 2RAR/NZ 70/71, RAN Seafuries in Korea, RAN submarine HMAS Otway.

A&NZD No: 4

No 4: Aussies in UN Western Sahara (MINURSO), Air 87, RAN Clearance Divers in Vietnam 69/70. RAN Clearance Divers 94, Aussie Leopards on Ex.

A&NZD No: 5

No 5: Aust/NZ in Cambodia (UNTAC), 77 Sqn F/A-18s bombing, Vietnam Fire Support Bases, RAAF Meteors in Korea (colour), SASR Six pages.

A&NZD No: 6

No 6: F-111Gs arrive, Bougainville SPPKF, Aussie SAS in Mogadishu (UNOSOM II) 4RAR/NZ Bunker Busting Vietnam 71. Project Bushranger.

A&NZD No: 7

No 7: RAAF 2 Sqn Canberras in Vietnam, HMAS Derwent scuttled, Aussies in Rwanda (UNIMIR) 77 Sqn P-40 Kittyhawks SWP, 7RAR Vietnam 67/68 slideshow.

A&NZD No: 8

No 8: 4RAR Borneo Confrontation 1965, Fleet Base East, Recon RF-111 & RF-4C, RAAF Catalinas WW2, 1 RAR Vietnam 1965.

A&NZD No: 9

No 9: Ex Kangaroo 95 Super Special - 21 pages of colour on the last mega Ex. WW2 SF - Papuan Infantry Bn 43-45, Vietnam Mega EOD.

A&NZD No: 10

No 10: 1RAR Vietnam 1965-66. French Nukes, UNAMIR Kibeho Massacre 2RAR 1995, HMAS Sydney sinking, Kangaroo 95 Slideshow.

A&NZD No: 11

No 11: Aussie Centurions V'nam 70/71, Lead in Fighter, Ex Trojan Tiger 1 Bde Armour at SWBTA, 3RAR at Battle of Kapyong Korea 51.

A&NZD No: 12

No 12: Kangaroo 95, DHC4 Caribou upgrades, 5RAR Vietnam 70, RAAF Spitfires SWPA, French Commando School New Caledonia.

A&NZD No: 13

No 13: 3/4 Cav Op Solace Somalia Slideshow, Aussie in French Foreign Legion Sarajevo, RAAF Mirage III,16 AD Regt Rapier & RBS-70.

A&NZD No: 14

No 14: RNZAF A-4K Skyhawks at NAS Nowra, AASAAM, HMAS Gawler vs illegal fishing RAN patrol boat in Timor Sea. 3 Cav RAEME LAD armour repairs Vietnam 1970.

A&NZD No: 15

No 15: Aussie Mercenary in Burma, Ex Pitch Black 96, first 2 Cav ASLAV Ex Taipan Watch. Sinking Japanese subs. Cambodian demining.

A&NZD No: 16

No 16: AATV 2 Tours, Kiwis - Swift Eagle 96, RAN Clearance Divers (CDT3) in 91 Gulf War, USN TF74 in Aust, Ex Northern Preditor 96 (1 Bde).

A&NZD No: 17

No 17: Ex Ready Shield 97 Woomera, Aussie in Foreign Legion Dibouti, Aussie with SANDF, Clearance Divers/SEALS Ex, Kiwi Nam V4 6RAR/NZ.

A&NZD No: 18

No 18: Ex Tandem Thrust 97 mega special - 21 pages on big Ex, Kiwi Tiger tank kills N Africa & Italy WW2, RAEME workshops Vietnam 1969.

A&NZD No: 19

No 19: RAAF F-111s in Alaska, AASAAM 97, HMNZS Te Kaha, Aussies Training Team in Uganda (CMTTU), Faces of Ex Tandem Thrust 97.

A&NZD No: 20

No 20: Pitch Black 97 AirEx AFC WW1 slideshow, Soviet space fighter crash off Australia, D Coy 6RAR slaughter Yanks at NTC, Kiwi Nam 6RAR/NZ 70.

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