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MARCH 1998 to DECEMBER 2002

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A&NZD No: 21

No 21: 2 Cdo Coy and SAS in snow, ASLAV expansion, RAN expansion, Op Santa Fe 7RAR Vietnam 67, RAAF ADGs Woomera.

A&NZD No: 22

No 22: 7RAR Long Hai Hills 67/68, RAAF ASRAAM AMRAAM missile buy, Ex Matakiri NZDF mega Ex, A&NZD staffer arrested in Sudan.

A&NZD No: 23

No 23: Ex Winter Sun 98 (Quilpie), RIMPAC 98, 8RAR in Long Hais 70 Op Hammersley, 3 Squadron F/A-18s in Alaska Ex Cope Thunder 98.

A&NZD No: 24

No 24: French Exia Sud 98 in New Caledonia, SAS Malaya, SF 1 Commando in Torres Strait, Kiwi Forward Observer Vietnam 68/69.

A&NZD No: 25

No 25: Death of Somali Bandit Op Solace, Kiwi F-16s, 3RAR & 1 RAR Korea 52/53, SASR Counter Terrorism, Exercise Spiderman 98.

A&NZD No: 26

No 26: School of Armour, 1RAR Malayan Emergency, F-111s to US Ex Green Flag 98, Aussie Gunships, Tandem Thrust 99 in Guam.

A&NZD No: 27

No 27: HMAS Melbourne sanctions duty in the Gulf, 4RAR/NZ 71-72- the final tour of duty, Kiwi Mogadishu, AASAAM 99, Pibara Regiment.

A&NZD No: 28

No 28: East Timor Operation Stabilise Special Edition: 68 pages from Day One until early November - more than 200 pix, Every INTERFET Unit.

A&NZD No: 29

No 29: East Timor Operations continued: Enclave, Final Ops. SAS, Boer War, UN Blues- Kibeho Massacre Rwanda 95 2RAR.

A&NZD No: 30

No 30: East Timor INTERFET in the Wet Season, ADGs, Kiwis, Vietnam 1 Field Sqn 69-71, HMAS Melbourne Frank E Evans Disaster.

A&NZD No: 31

No 31: 20 page special on 6RAR Gp on East Timor border Ops 2000 dry season offensive. All contacts and incidents. RIMPAC 2000.

A&NZD No: 32

No 32: 6RAR/NZ Op Lavarack Vietnam 1969, Vnam gunline HMAS Vendetta, Late 6RAR Gp early 1RAR Gp East Timor, Aussie Kosovo, RAAF Dogs E.

A&NZD No: 33

No 33: 1RAR Gp East Timor, ADF Gunship Helo buy, Nui Dat 1RAR Vietnam 68-69, RAAF ADGs Vietnam 69-70, RAAF's next generation fighter.

A&NZD No: 34

No 34: RAN Clearance Divers during INTERFET in East Timor, 1RAR and early 4RAR Gp Ops East Timor, Fincastle Cup ASW, SAS in Mogadishu in 1994.

A&NZD No: 35

No 35: Ex Tandem Thrust 2001 at SWBTA, Vietnam demining 1 Fd Troop RAE, 4RAR Gp Commandos on Border Ops in East Timor.

A&NZD No: 36

No 36: War on Terror - Afghanistan, Diego Garcia, Gulf. SAS Tampa Seizure, SAS CT, 4RAR Group East Timor.

A&NZD No: 37

No 37: SAS CT HAHO, Aussie Mercs, RAN illegal fishing boat seizures, War on Terror - SAS and US SF in Afghanistan. 6RAR Vietnam 66-67

A&NZD No: 39

No 38: War on Terror - SAS and US SF in Afghanistan, Namibia(UNTAG), 2RAR Gp East Timor 01/02, 1RAR Op Solace Somalia 93.

A&NZD No: 39

No 39: RAN Clearance Divers Vietnam 70, War on Terror - SAS and SF in Afghanistan 3RAR Paras East Timor, RAN MIF ships in Gulf. Ex Pitch Black 2002.

A&NZD No: 40

No 40: 4RAR Cdo TAG-East CT CQB, SAS Exclusive inside Bagram Afghanistan. RAN off Iraq, 3 Bde Ex Swift Eagle, Ex Red Flag, 3RAR Group East Timor.

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